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Ron M.


When Dr. Okonski noticed the eczema on my ankle, he suggested the lazer.  After the first treatment the itch and need to scratch was better. The bright red color was almost gone.


After six treatments, there has been a wonderful change.  It is no longer itches and the bright red color is gone. It’s a wonderful result, no pain or discomfort, just clear skin.  It’s amazing.




I recently visited Dr. Okonski for a large open wound on my heel.  The severity of the wound was such that it was expected that the healing process would be quite lengthy.  Dr. Okonski suggested that a new laser treatment might shorten the recovery time. I had 6 of the laser therapy treatment which lasted 5 minutes each time and were entirely painless.  After each treatment the wound improved dramatically, especially regarding the depth of the wound in the tissue and the healing time was considerably shortened. I am very pleased with the outcome of the laser therapy and grateful of Dr. Okonski’s recommendation.   I would urge others to consider the treatment to improve the healing time of wounds.




After having extensive surgery on my foot, arthritis had set in.  The pain had gotten worse in the last year. I decided to try the laser treatment offered by Dr. Okonski.  I started feeling less pain by the second treatment. The treatments have helped me. I can walk up and down steps easier.  There is a lot less swelling. I walk better and there is a less pain.




Twenty one years ago I had my Achilles tendon removed due to cancer and consequently, that area was heavily radiated.  Fifteen years following that incident, an open wound appeared in that area. Due to lack of circulation, the wound didn’t heal.  I underwent hyperbaric oxygen treatments every day for three months. The wound closed approximately 25% but I still ended up having a skin graft and spending 5 days in the hospital.  Seven years later (this past spring) a small wound once again developed. I had six MLS laser treatments and I was totally healed within six weeks.. I cannot stress enough how quick, inexpensive (relative to 50 HBO dives) painless and miraculous the treatments were.  And as far as we know, there are no side effects.

I would definitely recommend this treatment who is suffering with a non-healing, open wound.




18 years ago I suffered a severe ankle sprain to my left leg while hiking.  I did receive immediate medical attention, but when the injury healed it left me with an ankle that was always swollen and throbbing.  A few years ago (about 9 years) I went for a medical consult to see what relief there was available, but nothing could be done at that time to help me get relief from the swelling and discomfort I was in.


One month ago I noticed in the Royalton office a sign regarding the laser treatment the practice was offering.  I inquired about the treatment and was told because of the age of my injury it was unknown just how successful the treatment would be.  I optioned to try the laser anyway as I have been so uncomfortable for so many years. I can honestly say that treatment has been successful in that the swelling is down and the throbbing is definitely gone!   The procedure is non-intrusive and doesn’t take long. Scheduling was convenient and the treatment does not hurt.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Pam and Chris for their care and concern for my comfort and safety during the treatments.

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