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Our  Services

     We are proud to be on the medial technological forefront by offering MLS laser. The treatment has been cleared by the FDA and been proved successful by extensive studies, including some at Harvard University. The average course of treatment for feet and ankles ranges between six and twelve sessions and is beneficial for relief of pain, swelling, inflammation, sprains and rapid healing of superficial wounds and ulcers. We gave been pleased with the results.

     We use, on site, a state if the art digital x-ray unit which utilizes the newest technology and provides superior image quality, with immediate viewing.

     For diabetics being seen by a primary care physician, we can measure, fit and dispense diabetic shoes with custom made innersoles designed specifically for the patient. Proper footwear for diabetics and those with nephropathy can prevent serious complications and provide additional stability.

     For circulatory conditions we offer vascular exams as a screening procedure. It is simply an ankle brachial index with either pulse volume recording wave-forms or Doppler wave tracking take at the ankle. It is commonly utilized as first step in diagnosing peripheral arterial disease.

Of course, we continue to treat all foot and ankle conditions with many modes of conservative and surgical treatment.

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